Friday, March 2, 2007

The Vindhya bows down to Agastya

It is said that the mountain known by the name of Meru is so tall and huge that both the sun and the moon go round it after they rise in the east, set in the west and rise again next day. The Vindhya mountain used to watch that and was getting jealous of Meru for the special treatment.
One day the mountain spoke to the sun. “Why are you going round Meru and not me? Am I any less important?” The sun replied. “Meru is so tall that I have no other go. Besides, this has been the practice since creation”.

Vindhya thought that the height was the key issue for status. So, he decided to grow until his importance was recognized. He started becoming taller and taller day by day thereby blocking the rays of sun from reaching the earth. The whole world plunged into darkness day and night and the gods were worried. They were helpless against the might of the Vindhya. Only one person could talk sense to the mountain, sage Agastya. So, they told Agastya of the grave problem the world was facing.

Agastya went to the mountain and spoke. “Vindhya, you are now so tall that I find it difficult to cross over you. I have business to attend to, on your south side. So, better bend down low enough so that I can cross you without difficulty”.

Though proud, Vindhya knew that he had to be careful in dealing with a powerful sage like Agastya. So, he agreed and stooped down low for the sage to pass. Agastya crossed over to the south and commanded. “Now, remain like this until I return”. The mountain thought that he should better follow that order from the sage, too. After all, it would be a matter of days for the sage to return.

But, it is said that Agastya never returned. He settled down in the south permanently. Vindhya was compelled to remain low waiting for the return of the sage which never happened.

(Agastya is known to be a sage of the southern part of India, and is an author of a few celebrated works. Vindhya is situated in the centre of India and mostly has a low plateau. Meru is a mythical mountain. Some say that it was part of the Himalayas. )

We get to the story of Bhagiratha, next, who brought the river Ganga from heaven to earth, which ended up filling the ocean that was dried up by Agastya.

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