Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ancient Indian Wisdom on Creation

Today’s “Hindu” newspaper (19/12/2006) reports that two scientists from the University of Washington have found a primitive microbe in the Pacific ocean that adds further support to the notion that life on earth began within the deep, dark ocean …..

The Vedas talk extensively on creation, unfortunately in a symbolic and figurative language. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to go through the glimpses, the ancient sages had on creation and many other things .

Below are given two quotations, first from the Mahabharatha and the other from the works of the great poet Kalidasa on the above idea .
I am not implying that ancient Indians knew all that modern science has discovered. But, it seems that they had knowledge on many things !

Mahabharatham, the first Parva, Sloka 29

Nishprabhesmin niraloke
Sarvathah tamasaavruthe
Prajaanaam beejamavyayam


(Something like ) a big egg took shape in this world, which was immersed fully in darkness, that turned out to be the unfailing seed for the (entire) human race

Kalidasa, in Kumarasambhavam

Uktham beeja maja, tvayaa
Adascharaacharam sarvam
Prabhaavasthasya geeyathe


My Lord (one without birth or death), you sowed an unfailing seed deep inside water. It is said (sung) that the entire world resulted from it.

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