Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Strange Chain called ‘Aashaa’ (desire or greed)

There is a sloka in Sanskrit which reads thus :

Aashaa Naama Manushyaanaam (People have by name Aashaa)
Kaachidaascarya Srunkhalaa (a strange chain )
Tayaa Bandhaah Pradhaavanthi (Those tied up with it run around,)
Mukthaah Thishthanthi Kutrachid. (those released, stand still at one place)


Normally, a chain is used to tie someone or something down to a place. But, there is a strange chain called desire. The moment people are tied to it (caught in its web), they starts running here and there in an attempt to fulfil the desire.

It is not easy to get released from such a chain. But, once a person is freed from its bond, he does not run around any more. He, or rather his mind, remains steady and calm and, hence, settles down at one place.

It looks that most people in modern world are tied up with this strange chain. That is why they all run hither and thither, first to earn money and then to spend it on goods they do not need.

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